Taking a class with Michelle Grosodonia is like getting an all inclusive deal for the mind and body. Her classes provide a therapeutic detox in a calming and meditative manner, while remaining athletically challenging. Michelle focuses on form and correct technique, but has the ability to create a peaceful flow that awakens her students. Her classes are physically demanding, but in a good way; in a way that makes you know that the time you spent on your mat was worth it. Her voice in itself is inspiring and sincere, however, what she says takes her class to a different level. Michelle knows exactly when to focus on form and movement, and exactly when to add in a small quote, a motivating passage, or simply ask for collective "sigh." Michelle pays genuine interest and takes notice to each and every student, while not over aligning or being at all critical of her student's practice. The class that I took with Michelle allowed for different level yogis to all be present in one setting, yet still get a tremendous amount out of her class. She has a unique ability to calm her students, yet drive them at the same time. Michelle's versatility as an instructor has left me confident saying she is one of the best teacher's I have practiced under, and I practice yoga almost everyday in the NYC area. I have practiced at Pure Yoga, Equinox, Modo Yoga, Earth Yoga, Bikhram Yoga NYC, Yogaworks, Breathe Yoga, and Midtown Athletic Club; and would recommend an individual or group class with Michelle any day. Beyond the workout, the technique, and the routine of Michelle's class, there is an inevitable reason as to why I am such a fan. The reason I practice yoga is because I truly believe it makes me a better person. I am less anxious, more balanced, and clearer when my days begin with a great practice. What could possible be more inspiring than having someone that you admire as a person teach you. Michelle is a great yoga instructor because she is a great person. She is able to bring who she is into the classroom, but also bring who she is on her mat into the world. Her consistency as a person translates to who she is as a teacher, and that is rare to find in anyone. If you have not already taken the time to practice under Michelle, I highly DEMAND you do so. I promise you that you will not be disappointed.
Amy O’Sullivan